There are many reasons one may choose to transition to a non-driving status: Medical conditions, changing eyesight, decreased reaction time, increasing traffic congestion, confusion with directions. Not driving does not have to mean a loss of independence, however. We offer a range of affordable services for seniors (or their primary caregivers) designed to smooth the process at this crossroads while saving you fuel costs, maintenance, insurance and other expenses inherent to vehicle ownership. 



Whether you must have your eyes dilated, have anesthesia wearing off after a procedure, or simply want somebody to take you to and from routine appointments, we will even wait with you if you'd prefer to have the company. 


Schedule your shopping day or have your favorite brands delivered to your home.


Do you like to play Scrabble or card games? Trivia? Birdwatching? Peruse family photo albums? Listen to music from a time gone by? Would you simply prefer some company and coversation on occasion? We would enjoy spending time with you while your primary caregiver takes some time away during the day.



Running short on time? Let us run your errands for you: Post office, dry cleaners, library, bill pay are just a few of the tasks we can complete for you so you don't have to.



We can deliver small or large packages locally, to Colorado Springs or to Denver. Hungry but don't want to leave the house? We'll deliver food to your doorstep.


Light MEAL Preparation

Serving nutritious and delicious meals to your specifications.

Home and Garden Services

We can haul mulch, garden materials, clear debris, help to build small gardens, or just dig holes.


Palmer Park picnics, Garden of the Gods drives, Fall Color tours, ride to Cripple Creek, Divide or take Gold Camp Road to Helen Hunt Falls; you choose the scenery you'd like to see, we'll get you where you want to go!